Psychologists investigate the dark triad of evil

As terrible events unfold in Ukraine, those of us still fortunate enough to lead comfortable lives in peace are forced to ask the question “what are the causes of evil?” Quite a few thinkers have been having a go at this one since at least 600 BCE. But no question is ever entirely answered: so today we think the psychologists should have a try.

Nadja Heym and Alexander Sumich, writing for the Conversation, identify a “dark triad” of personality traits-psychopathy, Machiavellianism and narcissism. To which, tentatively, they add sadism. They point out that some people are so bad you can sometimes see them coming. But they point to a hidden, deeper group of baddies who may be hiding in plain sight, whom they label as “dark empaths“. A chilling thought indeed! Anyway, read for yourself. And think-do I know anyone like this, perhaps at work or who has been in the news recently?

We thank Mr P Seymour of Hertfordshire for today’s story

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