Weekly round up: Covid and brains, Chile progresses, bionic eyes and Lady Gaga

a weekly look at stories of more than short term significance

Does Covid affect your brain? Covid-19 shows worrying signs of returning-and the effects may not be too nice. For The Conversation, Jessica Bernard considers if even a mild dose may affect your “grey matter”.


Chile takes the right path The true sources of national greatness lie in building up the economy and by advancing technology. Once you turn to excessive reliance on armies and fleets you are already in decline, as history shows. It’s a lesson Chile seems to have learned. Nature Briefings has a nice summary, with a link to click if you want to know more Hope is the word for scientists in Chile

Chile’s new president is ushering in what many scientists see as a new era for the country. Gabriel Boric, who is only 36, enlisted scientists in his election campaign and has given some of them top jobs in his administration. He has promised to take strong climate action, boost stagnant science funding and fight inequality. For scientists who lived through the 17-year dictatorship that followed a coup in the countryChile in 1973, the promise of this new era is exciting — and long overdue. “Hope is the word” to describe how researchers are feeling, says neuroscientist Jacqueline Sepúlveda.Nature | 7 min read

Bionic eyes? No disability moves us more than that of the blind. We love to read stories of hope, and here’s an exciting one from Live Science’s Mark Smith, Bionic Eyes: how tech is replacing lost vision


A song for us all Yes, the Star Spangled Banner is the National Anthem of a particular state Yet the American Revolution was also a victory for the Enlightenment in general, as its protagonists knew well. For all its faults, the USA and its allies in the EU , Canada, Britain and around the world still represent the best hope for mankind. That’s why we still love this version by Lady Gaga


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