Cocktail Night: the Vodka problem

Back in the 1970s, Vladivar marketed itself as the “Vodka from Warrington” with heavy plays on Soviet jokes and all things Russian. The Soviet Embassy protested, but to no avail as there was no KGB agent able to deal with the upstart company (that came later in Salisbury, you may remember) We are pleased to report that Vladivar are still trading: [1]and their stuff is still brewed in the free world, albeit no longer in Warrington. Smirnoff too state that all their juice is made and bottled outside Russia, and we will take them at their word.[2]

But today we raise the ante with a marvellous site called Coffee or Die with thier Boycotter’s guide : five Ukrainian Vodkas [3]whose sale purchase and consumption will annoy ol’ Puters and his gang. Because however small the step, it’s worth taking. So yes, you can drink Vodka. And as you do, think of the brave Ukrainians who are fighting everyone’s battle. No cocktails for them.




#vodka #cocktails #putin #boycott russia

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