Methane spike suggests global warming is now truly dangerous

Just before we all plunge into yet another stupid, senseless war, let’s take a last look back at the real problems. Because whoever survives will have to confront them. And biggest on the list is Nature‘s report of a growing surge in global methane emissions, Remember methane has a warming potential at least 28 time greater than carbon dioxide. Why do we tremble? Well, first of all we’ll let you read Nature’s report Methane is spiking dangerously fast. We strongly urge you to click on the links

As global methane concentrations soar to nearly triple preindustrial levels, some researchers fear that global warming itself is behind the rapid rise. Data released in January by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration show that atmospheric methane has raced past 1,900 parts per billion. The growth of methane emissions began a rapid and mysterious uptick around 2007. The spike has caused many researchers to worry that global warming is creating a feedback mechanism that will cause ever more methane to be released, making it even harder to rein in rising temperatures. The grim milestone underscores the importance of a pledge made at last year’s COP26 climate summit to curb emissions of the greenhouse gas, which is at least 28 times as potent as CO2 We have underlined the key message, and here is the link to the main paper:

Nature | 5 min read

Why does this keep us awake at night? Because of the immense quantities of methane trapped in the Siberian permafrost for one thing. Perhaps if Mr Putin addressed that, rather than the Ukraine, he might perform more of a service to his own subjects as well as citizens of the wider world. Secondly the immense amount of methane clathrates littering the ocean floor. Their methane content is only a few degrees from being released. Suddenly. If that happened the runaway warming would be terminal. Now, do we all really want to still deny how serious this is?

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