Friday Night: Valentine’s day at The Savoy

Today, in full cognisance of the impending arrival of Valentine’s Day on Monday, we had over our blog to The Savoy Cocktail Book, published by Constable. all we’ve done is pick out a few from their huge and stylish range which seem to have a sort of valentiny-ish theme. We will leave you to do the rest. Including drink them. One caveat :although the book is excellent , their measuring system is impenetrable. For example, in many a recipe they say a quarter, but a quarter of what, exactly? There are no units! So we have adapted our own measures, honed from long experience. You will need ice for all by the way.

Sweet Patotie: 1 measure fresh orange juice, 1/2 measure Cointreau, 1 measure dry gin. Shake over ice, and pour into cocktail glass. Decorate with lemon.

Cherry Mixture: 1 measure French Vermouth, 1 Measure Italian Vermouth,1 dash Maraschino 1 dash angostura bitters. Shake over ice and pour to chilled cocktail glass, Decoration: Cherry

Should give you that nice reddish pink Valentine’s glow

Pink Gin 1 glass of dry gin. 1 Dash of Angostura. They used to like this in the Royal Navy, though quite where the Valentine’s connection enters in we’re not sure! To whom would sailors send a Valentine on a long sea voyage?

There’s loads more pink ones but as they seem to recommend the use of uncooked eggs, but we’re not sure we can recommend them on a science and health website. But there is enough here to get you started. And if the above is not sufficient, you can always try mixing pink Cava with cold lager.

Happy Valentine’s day to you all

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