Immigration: Seb Rumsby tries for the cause of the problem

No issue has torn through the heart of western societies like immigration. No problem has produced such anxiety and polemic. On both sides of the political divide, to be be fair. Nothing explains Donald Trump, Brexit, populism and webhate as well as immigration. If the politics of the twentieth century were all about class, those of our own are all. about identity.

The Left want to pretend the problem does not exist, like Victorians avoiding the mention of sex. The Right can think of nothing else but shouting, building walls and sending in The Navy. None have any value. For they are concerned with symptoms, not causes. Peoples’ fears and concerns are very real and deep. Unless we address the real causes of the mass migrations, they could yet destroy us all.

Writing in the Conversation, the admirable Seb Rumsby makes a real and earnest stab at the task. Read it, and think. Seb may not have all the answers. But at least he tries.

#immigration #ehtnic identity #webhate #donald trump #brexit #inequality

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