Why the working class votes Conservative: a question of language

Kent, garden of England. Land of apple orchards and oasthouses. Of prosperous gin-and jag commuter towns. Of Geezers in white vans of whom it was once said “they have tools and language, but no culture”. Harsh! Of white cliffs and deep green forests. And all of them voting Conservative since at least the time of King Oisc (458-512 AD) You’d think Labour would love to get a foothold there somehow. And so they did in 2017 when the affable Rosie Duffield took the Cathedral/University town of Canterbury. If you want to learn how Labour will now throw it away, read this link by Jessica Elgot of The Guardian:


The reason that the Tories keep winning is that they have a far better understanding of the words “needs” and “grievances.” What each word means, and what importance to address to either. Working class people aren’t fools: they too have dictionaries. Until Labour (and many other progressive forces such as liberals, social democrats, socialists and the rest) make the same effort, they will continue to lose. And rightly so.

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