Cocktail Night: The worlds top 50 for 2022

This week, courtesy of Drinks International[2] and Vinepair,[1] both stalwart voices for sophistication and style, we are proud to offer their take on the top 50 cocktails for 2022. Which will help to set the tone for the rest of the twenties, we hope. After all, if 1922 was the birth of the modern, according to the BBC,[3] why should 2022 not offer itself as the Birth of the Modern Cocktail?

We won’t get between you and them much further, ladies and gentleman. Read the link for yourself. Every one has a pretty good recipe, plus a well-taken picture to check if you’ve got the mix just right. There’s real old favourites like Long Island Iced Tea and the Sidecar. Topical themes like Penicillin and the Moscow Mule. Bond fans will recognise Dry Martini, Vesper and Vieu Carre (well he wrote spy fiction too, didn’t he?). And finally you will find the Top Five, with a cheeky newcomer at Number 1. But we won’t spoil it for you. And one note of caution: don’t try to make all 50 in one go! One a night, which is to say Friday Night, should be enough for all and any one of you.




#friday night cocktails #top 50

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