Cocktail Night-100 years of the Bloody Mary

Nothing seems to match so well with the warm cheerful colours of a Christmas-decorated home than the Bloody Mary. And nothing is better calculated to sharpen the appetite than its acerbic mix of tomatoes and tangy sauces. Which is why we are handing over lock, stock and barrel to out link, written by Alex Turnbull of Time magazine, who joyously celebrates 100 years of this famous drink. We can’t match Alex’s prose or pictures-read it to find out why. All we can say is that the Bloody Mary was invented in the famous Harry’s Bar in Paris in 1921. What we will do is give a measured recipe, as there does not seem to be one in the article. Old LSS hands will feel another reference to the immortal Ultimate Cocktail Book from Hamlyn coming on. And they’d be right

In a nice tall straight glass, mix 1 measure of vodka, 3 measures of tomato juice,2 dashes of Worcestershire sauce, a good squeeze of lemon juice , a more than adequate dash of tabasco and chuck in four ice cubes. Mix, add salt and pepper to taste and decorate with a nice large stick of celery Paper straws optional.

We find it goes superbly with all those piquant pre-dinner meaty nibbles like chorizo and jamon serrano. But unless you are very quick you’ll have to sample its delights at home, not in France. For as we write, gentle readers it is now less than six hours to the infamous Covid inspired travel ban which will ban all revellers from La Belle France. We know personally of one intrepid soul who slipped away this morning via Stanstead and Bordeaux. But when will she be back-if ever?

#cocktail #anniversary #harry’s bar #covid-19

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