Fifty Cocktails that have never been drunk in Downing Street

Gentle readers, read on, for today we bring you a list of fifty-count ’em, fifty– cocktails that have never been drunk in number 10 Downing Street. How could they have been ? It’s not as if the people who live and work there spend their time in parties or anything like that. So-no cocktails, no wine, no cheese. The only leisure drink must be a saucer of milk for Larry the Cat,[2] as far as we can see. And anyway, the guest list for even the largest was no more than thirty people. It is alleged.

Stern, noble, honest people they are , but how they are missing out! So, to show our appreciation for all the brilliant work they put in for the good governance of our country, we are proud to link to an amazing website called Vinepair. When the Covid-19 crisis is over the Downing Street Staff can consult our list and run up the most amazing end-of-lockdown rave, with Karaoke booming out over St James Park. They’re all here- Mojitos, Porn Star Martinis, Side Cars as well a ones we’ve never heard of like Penicillin and Bramble. The page, The Fifty Most Popular Cocktails,[1] has lovely simple pictures and and easy to follow recipes-which is just what we like. This Vinepair lot have most definitely cracked it.

Several readers have asked us to be a bit more responsible on cocktail nights, correctly pointing out that alcohol can be a dangerous drug if used irresponsibly. Good point. Take the future Downing Street Party we have recommended. Won’t all the booze and loud music be a bad influence on any young families that might be living close by? Don’t worry- the party is weeks away. There won’t be any young families living in the vicinity. By then.


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those who want ot know more about Larry should redirect here


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