Weekly Round Up: War, Piece, Snow, Sea

a weekly review of stories that caught our eye

Will Russia invade Ukraine? Just about the scariest story running now is the Russian build up on the borders of Ukraine, with its potential to spark a world war. We at LSS are no fans of the Russian regime: but as almost anything is better than war, at least let’s seek some balanced opinions. This piece by Phil Stewart of Reuters at least presents Putin’s point of view, however hard it may seem for us to understand.


Baubles, bangles, bright shiny beads If you’re buying someone jewellery this Christmas, your choice may be very old indeed. Nature has a lovely piece on what seems to be the oldest bit of bling yet found on our continent:

A 41,500-year-old pendant carved from a piece of a woolly mammoth tusk could be the oldest known example of decorated jewellery in Eurasia made by humans. The purpose and meaning of the designs on its surface are unclear, but they could represent a counting system, lunar observations or a way of scoring kills. The pendant was found in the Stajnia Cave, in Poland, alongside a 7-centimetre-long awl — a pointed tool used for making holes — shaped from a piece of horse bone.Nature | 4 min read
Reference: Scientific Reports paper

Rain drives out snow “It’s raining down on me” sung the Darts in their 1978 hit. It certainly is in the Arctic, more than it snows apparently. Richard Hodgkins is worried for The Conversation:


Sussex Dolphins If we are going to clear up the appalling mess previous generations have left behind, everyone must get involved. That’s why it’s so good to see local initiatives, like this one from the Sussex Dolphin Project, who are trying to save these amazing animals from the brutalities of the trawler industry India Wentworth reports for the Worthing Herald


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