Nick Cohen on the cultural anthropology of England

If you want to know how England works, you have to understand that we have a class system like no other advanced country does. Deeply entrenched fault lines of education and money, religiously policed, run through us like the veins of ore in a clapped out mine. No where is this more deeply betrayed than in our voices-a point foreign language learners could never grasp. “how you know, teacher, this woman private educated?” they reeled in disbelief at my reaction to a short voice over in some language software programme. “You learn quickly when you career-and your life” depend on it. ” I replied.

One man exposits all this in a way that is far clearer, funnier and more intelligent than we could ever hope to be. That man is Nick Cohen. Foreign readers, if you really want a glance into another country, in this case England, read his piece which we have appended below.

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