Weekly Round up Immune memory, economics, supporting Wolves and rubbish

Does your immune system remember? An intriguing study reproduced in Nature suggests your previous exposure to pathogens influences your response to current ones. Which in turn raises questions about what we mean by “memory-and is it molecular? How childhood colds affect Covid

Evidence is building that people’s immune responses to COVID-19 could be affected by previous infections with common-cold coronaviruses. The phenomenon, evocatively dubbed original antigenic sin, has been documented for influenza: some people are better at fighting off seasonal flu when the strain of virus is similar to the first one they encountered in childhood. However, to what extent it affects people with COVID-19 — and whether it provides enhanced protection or hampers the immune response — is still unclear.Nature | 7 min read

Brexit Bounce LSS promised readers that we would be resolutely neutral on Brexit. So when some negative news on the subject emerges, such as the recent statistics from the Office of National Statistics, we’ll try to balance with some positive! Here’s one such from the Financial Times by George Parker and Jude Webber: Northern Ireland’s Post-Brexit trading advantage lures packing giant.


Wild at heart Everyone would love to see iconic large predators, such as wolves or lynx, re-introduced. Unless it’s near where they live. Hannah Petterson in the Conversation has a thought-provoking piece on the social, economic and ecological problems of trying this out with wolves in Spain.

It’s a junk yard up there As early as the 1960’s far-seers like Arthur C Clarke worried that Earth might end up with rings like Saturn’s, only made entirely of junk, like bits of old spacecraft, missing tools and unspeakable piles of the remains of spacefarer’s lunches. But it’s not funny if a bit of this slams into you at 28000 km per hour. Fortunately, someone wants to clean it up, and make a bit of cash as they do. Thanks Tory Shepherd of the Guardian


Well, there’s four to choose from. Have a happy weekend

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