Weekly Round up: Pick and Mix

some stories which go beyond the daily swirl

Tabloids heal thyself A peculiar feature of British life is the immense impact that our popular newspapers have on everything from politics and economics to our viewing habits. Simply because so many trust them as impeccable sources. Perhaps the following piece from Joe will show how perilous this trust may be. If they can’t get things right on a story about pubs and chips, what hope is there for their thoughts on macro-economic policy?


we thank Mr Peter Seymour of Hertfordshire for this story

At last, a European Capital Market? The irony is that Brexit has probably benefited the European Union more than the UK, leaving them free to speed up their plans for integration on everything from defence to law. Nowhere is this clearer than renewed attempts to form a single Capital Market for equities, sovereign debt and securities clearances, a Philip Stafford of the Financial Times makes clear. The point is not whether the particular enterprise of Mr Boujnah fails or not; it is the overall direction of travel. If London is not careful it could find itself isolated from the main stream of commerce, and dwindle to something the size of Geneva. Or Liechtenstein?


Language and motor skills One of the great puzzles in science is where language came from. Perhaps we will never know. But one clue is the close association of regions of the brain which deal with fine motor skills, such as tool-handling, and language functions. Claudio Brozzoli and Simon Thibault explain their fascinating findings for The Conversation


China US accord-what’s it worth? An intelligent follower of this blog wisely counselled that “you won’t do anything about global warming unless you get China on board.” We agree, but we think this is true for the US too, who were distinctly foot-dragging until the arrival of the more enlightened Biden Administration. Nature, surely the most intelligent of publications, gives a first take on the two countries’ Cop-side agreement , linking to the admirable Washington Post. At least it means the two superpowers are not fighting each other-yet.

The world’s two biggest greenhouse-gas emitters have issued a surprise joint declaration at COP26. The statement reiterates the countries’ commitment to the 2015 Paris agreement and promises “enhanced climate actions” to make it happen. “We both see that the challenge of climate change is an existential and severe one,” said Chinese climate envoy Xie Zhenhua at an unannounced news conference. “In the area of climate change, there is more agreement between China and the US than there is disagreement.” The declaration was met with cautious optimism by observers, who note that it is short on firm deadlines or specific commitments, and partly restates a shared statement made in April.The Washington Post | 9 min read
Reference: US-China joint Glasgow declaration

Exhibitions at Olympia Now we have all this fantastic AI lying around, what are we going to do with it? One use might be to make fantastic reconstructions of past glories, such as the original home of the Olympic games in Greece. Ian Randall has a charming article for the Mail about researchers who have done just that. LSS confession: we used to live near the eponymous area of West London, but it was nothing like this!


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