Open Democracy: a light in dark times

Trouble with the internet, and so many media outlets, is that they all SCREAM AT YOU like commodities brokers, setting the tone for so many of their followers, and adding to the general coarsening and shrill intolerance which now dominates so much of life in the public sphere. What we like at LSS is a calm, cool and thoughtful approach. A rational debate of facts, which nevertheless leads to some surprising conclusions. Well, surprising to us sometimes.

We can offer you no better exemplar than Open Democracy, which tries to find the real interests, be they financial or political, behind so much of what is churning through the 24 hour news cycle. We link to their website below.[1] We strongly advise you to go in and sample. Why not try a particular trope, such as Climate Change for example. [2]You could then compare it to all the coverage around COP26 and the problems that hang off of it. You can always disagree later.

Whatever you think, gentle reader, you have to agree that they at least represent a voice in contrast to the campaigns run by some of the richest and most powerful people in the world, and their hangers on. Of course those people have a right to spend on campaigns in their interests and those of their shareholders. But someone has an equal right to criticise. We think one of those critics should be Open Democracy.



#opendemocracy #global warming #fossil fuel lobby #climate change #astroturf movements

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