Surfers against Sewage-go on, donate!

Ever wanted to spend your hard earned leisure hours battling a tide of warm, untreated sewage? That’s what thousands of surfers, swimmers, divers and boatspersons have to do every week in UK waters. To say nothing of what mum and dad have to wade through as they take little Chesney and Skywalk for a paddle on one of our filthy beaches.

It’s all creating a stink here in the UK as Helen Horton explains in the Guardian. [1] To summarise: last year we had 403, 171 sewage spills in the UK, adding up to a massive 3.1 million hours of raw sewage being dumped into our waters. If it weren’t for the efforts of tireless campaigners, no one would have held the Government and water companies to account for this disgusting pollution.

Many worthy people have fought back this week, but here, today, we’re going to highlight just one of them: Surfers Against Sewage. [2]There’s a tendency, unjust no doubt, to think of surfers from Cornwall to La Jolla as rather laid back people enjoying a few harmless hours on the beach while the rest of the world gets on with it. Not this lot! They have a huge pleasing website anchoring their relentless campaigns on all things marine and aquatic-water quality. plastics, pollution, health risks and climate change- you name it. It’s a sure sign of a healthy society when progress comes from spontaneous, voluntary organisations. All Surfers Against Sewage want to do is make the oceans healthy once more so that that they and their fellow citizens can enjoy a little bit of life free of gastro enteritis and hepatitis. No small ambition.

Clean seas mean clean leisure, healthy fisheries and less carbon dioxide. But these people can’t do it on their own. So, if you visit their site-please,please, could you at least think about clicking to the donate section and maybe handing over a little of your hard-earned money? Because it’s all our futures.



#Endsewagepollution #water quality #swimming #surfing #fishing #leisure #health

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