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beyond the ephemera of the 24 hour cycle

Why success can turn to failure It’s funny how thriving all powerful organisations can suddenly dwindle. Why? Rasmus Andersen thinks he knows why. They think lazily instead of following the cold logic of the gambler. Here’s his acerbic TED talk-you’ll leardn a lot about life in general


we thank Mr Peter Seymour of Hertfordshire for this link

Superimmunity Why does a vaccine seem to boost your immunity more than a natural infection? It seems counter-intuitive. Nature tries to understand why:

People who have previously recovered from COVID-19 have a stronger immune response after being vaccinated than do those who have never been infected. As the world watches out for new coronavirus variants, the basis of such ‘super-immunity’ has become one of the pandemic’s great mysteries. Researchers hope that, by mapping the differences between the immune protection that comes from infection compared with that from vaccination, they can chart a safer path to this higher level of protection.Nature | 9 min read

Dropping Hints at Ancient diets

According to The Guardian, Bronze age miners enjoyed a rich diet of beer and blue cheese. How researchers found this is a compliment to their disinterested pursuit of knowledge. Yeecchh!


Roman Music-What did it sound like?

It’s fascinating to think that someone has attempted to recreate the lost sounds of 2000 years ago. Nature want you to hear them too, as their Editor explains

Today, I’m raising my goblet to the ancient Roman tunes composed by researcher Mary Ann Tedstone Glover. But not that fancy stuff from the emperor’s court — this is the music of the streets, says Tedstone Glover.”

Flora Graham, senior editor, Nature Briefing

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