Do you need to work so much-2: Boris Johnson backs LSS

Well, not in so many words, but by his actions clearly. Despite the imminence of the fuel crisis, the supermarket crisis, the energy crisis, rising inflation, government borrowing constraints, clashes between Ministers, acute problems with his old allies in the EU, and growing threats to his new allies in the Pacific, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has taken his latest wife and child off to a well-earned break in Marbella. This is not Lefty propaganda, the story is taken from the impeccably right wing Daily Mail, his staunchest supporters.[1]

In a story called I’M WORKING FROM HOME IN MY £25000 A WEEK VILLA, a whole platoon of Mail writers explain how the Prime Minister has got the work-life balance just right. It’s not that he isn’t working, he’s just doing it from a warm sun lounger in one of Europe’s sunnier locales. He can be on the phone or looking at the villa fax within minutes of something happening. Or read about it in good old fashioned newspapers like the Daily Express, which are still delivered as paper copies along the Costas (although in our experience they can be a day late!)

And that’s what we at LSS like to see. Our thoughts on slowing down, chilling out and working less hours, made flesh, however pressing the problems seem. One day they’ll go away. Like Boris Johnson-from the villa, you understand.

#boris johnson #fuel crisis# #supermarket crisis #work life balance #long hours cultures

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