Friday Night is vineyard night

Usually, where the stuff is made isn’t quite as good as using it-think paint factory for example. But we have always thought vineyards make an honourable exception. It is delightful to wander through the avenues of well-tended vines. To drop in on a tasting at the vineyard shop and think “this stuff we’re knocking back-it actually comes from the land round here, and the real, honest to god rain that fell upon it! How cool is that?”

Southeast England, from where this little blog originates, is surrounded by a thriving wine industry, of which more in the future. Sadly, none of these English vineyards have yet made it onto the list of the top fifty in the world. But Ted Thornhill of the Mail has assiduously covered those which have.[1] This year’s top three are in Argentina, Spain and France. No surprises there maybe. But look lower down and you’ll find places in Lebanon and Russia! Well done to both.

We wondered how one possibly picks the best when there are obviously so many to choose from. Following Ted’s links, we found the link to The Worlds’ Best Vineyards, the organisation behind all this. [2] If you follow the links, you’ll find it’s a pretty thorough and gruelling voting system.

There’s some excellent photography on both sites for you to enjoy. So, as it’s Friday night, why not enjoy a fine glass of your favourite tipple, sit back and mutter the words of the old song “That was the week that was-it’s over let it go. ” And hope your supermarket has enough lorries to bring you another bottle next week.



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