A shot of brandy for Cocktail night

Of the four famous spirits-gin, whisky, vodka and brandy which are so beloved of cocktail-makers, brandy has acquired that ineffable air of being the classy one. “Oh brandy!” they would say at The Dog and Duck in old Romford, “she must be posh!”

Experience shows that posh and classy are relative terms. But brandy still remains a fine drink whether taken on its own against the cold, or as the basis of many fine cocktails. And tonight, we will let our linking website Liquor.com do the educating. For we cannot improve by one word or sentence on what they describe and show, in beautiful images, in the link below [1] * 8 Brandy cocktails to make in five minutes. Read it to revisit such classics as the Sidecar and Alexander ,as well as six other quick-to-make, slow-to-savour brandy based classics. !que tenga buena fin de semana! as they used to say in Old Castile.


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