Komodo Dragons and global warming. When deadly crises unite.

Long standing readers of LSS will recall our little blog Spare a thought for the maligned monster (LSS 27 .10.20) in which we outlined how the magnificent monitors could be a valuable source of new antibiotics. If we had the gumption to research the issue. If so, they are a munificent natural resource.

Now Phoebe Weston of The Guardian has an alarming story of how the scaly saurians are in imminent danger of extinction due to rising sea levels.

The animal is confined to a few islands in Indonesia, and these are now doubly threatened by habitat destruction and the effects of global warming. It’s ironic to think that the potential solution to one existential crisis (antibiotic shortages) is exacerbated by another(climate change). It’s when crises join together that they become unmanageable and potentially catastrophic. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


#antibioticresistance #globalwarming #climatechange #disease

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