The importance of communications: a personal view

We at LSS have always believed in the value of good communications and shared mutual understanding. We believe our own organisation is an example at all times. Even when things ago awry, as they did the other day with that unfortunate mixed message, we think the LSS building is a shining example of how things can run, and our readers will benefit from seeing how things work in a modern, diverse, open, goal-driven , customer-facing, efficient organisation . And how they might apply these lessons themselves, in their own lives, and countries and workplaces.

Which brings us back to the other day. When things do go slightly wrong, and we’re not saying that message was right, you detect a certain change in atmosphere. Of some of the employees towards the Editorial Board, for example. Subtle, and an outsider would never notice. A slight froideur in the lifts perhaps. Odd, mysterious changes, that make you wonder. Why has the Editor’s car parking space been closed “for health and safety reasons”, for example, when all the others around it seem to be working fine. Why can no department give a clear answer? Building services say it’s all down to subsidence. Security talk about the danger from “roaming gangs of feral youths.” Why have the board never seen these youths? Why do they only threaten one car parking space? Until then, the Editor-the Editor, goddammit, has to park in the Councillor Nigel Stokes Shopping Centre car park like ordinary people. What’s that going to cost us in parking fees?

Communications sometimes go awry, and the person responsible knows clearly what they did. Obviously, the clearest communication of all is that, in the current climate, no one’s job is safe . That gives all much to think about, especially in the long walk from the car park of the Councillor Nigel Stokes Shopping Centre to our desk.

Cocktail night will be tomorrow.

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