A big thank you

From all of the staff here- editorial, production, finance, administration, distribution and not forgetting our stalwart legal team, a big thank you to all our contributors, readers, sharers and visitors for another month-thank you. As the skies darken, at least here in the northern hemisphere and the leave turn and fall, we look forward to working with you through another autumn. What shall it bring?

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Especially for one or two on the staff who don’t actually seem to do anything. Who’s that tall bloke in HR who’s always on the photocopier for example? What does he do all day? And that empire-building woman in finance-what are all these meetings she sets up about? Need to look at her. Rest of them don’t seem too bad, although someone needs to clean up the cups in the fourth floor rest area bit. Definitely not the cleaner’s job, she’s overworked as it is. Let them know we’re watching, but do it discretely!

(note to secretary-paragraph one for website, paragraph two for board newsletter only)

The Editors

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