More on Reasons and Ladders

You may be fed up with us saying so, but we think that the most pressing issue of our time is the appearance of so many people who defy reason and have become allergic to evidence. We alluded to it recently (LSS 9 august) and we are always open to anyone with any new idea at all on how to solve this depressing conundrum.

Far wiser minds than our own share our concerns, however. Nature Briefings has an intriguing piece by scientist Lee McIntyre on how he goes into hornets’ nests full of science deniers and flat earthers and actually tries to reason and convince. Brave man. Noble soul. Surprisingly he does seem to get results-sometimes. [1] [2] Ultimately the key to all this seems to be respect-and that’s not a bad way to treat anyone!

If we have got this right, both links should lead to the same piece, but we think it’s so important you should have every possible chance


[2] Talking to science deniers is not hopeless, says philosopher of science Lee McIntyre — if you’re willing to build trust and listen. (Nature | 5 min read)

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