Weekly Round up: Child Poverty, Hydrogen cars

issues which we think may be long term

Childhood Poverty History shows that more technologically advanced societies eventually displace backward ones. So you need to recruit the widest possible pool of talent and intelligence. One way to undermine your own best efforts is to raise children so hungry that they will never be able to think or learn properly. Julia Diez tells the story for El Pais (this ones’s in Spanish, so translators at the ready)


Hydrogen a healthy alternative As the planet starts to burn up (see Greece, Turkey, California, Siberia and many, many others) we desperately need alternatives to oil. So far electric cars are making the running-but what about hydrogen? Jack Warrick of Autocar looks at some exciting developments


we thank Mr Gary Herbert of Buckinghamshire for this link

Making clothes sustainable Everyone likes a new outfit every so often. But it’s so depressing to see the enormous amounts of energy and time that go into making and transporting cheap fashions that people wear once and throw away. Hope is at hand as Elaine Ritch of The Coversation runs through some sane alternatives

Tim Vine grows on you Finally we would like to intoduce the work of British Comedian Tim Vine to our world of readers. How can you not like a man whose observations include “Crime in Multi-storey carparks-it’s wrong on so many levels.” He’s got lots and lots and lots and lots more where that came from


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