Weekly round up: Sex, money and weight loss-what more could you want?

a weekly summary of stories which we think may indicate deeper trends

Economics: half a new paradigm? The ancient battle between Keynesians and Hayekians takes a new twist as Larry Elliott of The Guardian asseverates that the Covid crisis has swung the odds in favour of the Sage of Bloomsbury once more. It’s questionable as to how great are the real differences between them, but it seems very important to everyone around us from bankers and politicians at one end to the crowd at the Dog and Duck who simultaneously demand lower taxes and lavish public services. Better read it, we think

During the pandemic, a new variant of capitalism has emerged | Larry Elliott | The Guardian

Why do people have affairs? According to the experts, sex sells papers, or least generates clicks, so we at LSS thought we’d better give it a try. We’ve worked in places where the whole department apart from ourselves seemed to exist in a frenzy of extra marital high jinks. “Going over the side ” was what many Metropolitan Police Officers used to call it. The Times explains the eight reasons why they did it (spoiler alert: this came via Apple News, so you may need a bit of clicking to get the full article)

Dangerous liaisons: the 8 reasons people have affairs | Weekend | The Times

Fat is a complicated issue: We all know about the plague of obesity stalking advanced countries, and we still think that losing a bit is a Good Thing. Imagine the money you’d save if you could get back into your 1996 chinos! But knowing that LSS readers are an intelligent lot who like their truths subtle, here is an interesting counter-blast from Nature, Uncoupling weight and health:

Many researchers and doctors take it as a given that obesity means ill health. But geneticist Ruth Loos says that “we can be obese but remain healthy”. Many people with obesity have healthy cholesterol and blood glucose levels, for example, while many lean people do not. Loos and other researchers are examining genes, animal models and people to understand how factors such as the nature and distribution of fat in the body can blunt or compound any health impacts of extra weight.Science | 12 min read

Private jets If you want to escape from all our admonitions, why not buy a private jet. We include a link to a site below. They seem a bit reticent about the prices, but it seems a good one could set you back anything around $13 500 000. (11,340 000 euros) That’s before you pay to have an in-flight magazine printed.

Private jets for sale worldwide | AvBuyer

Good weekend!

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