Climate Change: wise second thoughts from the Financial Times

If there’s one thing that separates that small elite band who read LSS from the rest of humanity, it is their ability to slow down and think for a bit. To see that problems are complex and that quick easy answers inevitably lead to mistakes. Big ones, sometimes.

So nothing could be more apposite than to think carefully about COP26 and the actions that result from it. One august body that has done just that is the Financial Times. Our rare brushes with this journal have always left us impressed by the thoughtfulness, erudition and occasional dry wit of its writers. So it is with Philip Stephens, who lays out the utter delicacy needed for the next few months, in thoughtful, balanced prose. [1]Once more, we won’t spoil the pleasure for you. But let this taster be a sample of what you will miss if you don’t click below. Getting it right, he says, would be a pretty good thing. Getting it wrong::

ends in a fresh explosion of political populism as the burden of implementing all those ringing international commitments falls on those least able to afford them — on the anti-globalist left-behinds who backed Donald Trump for the White House, cheered Britain’s flight from the EU and might yet put the hard-right populist Marine Le Pen in France’s Elysée Palace.

It is just over a hundred years since the Versailles Conference comprehensively blew the chance to set a new world order. Its failure led to the Second World War, the costliest in history, less than twenty years later. Read Philip, and don’t let COP26 become a second Versailles.

[1]Climate change is a global threat demanding national solutions (

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