Throw away your computer, and….

Get a quantum computer. Well perhaps not quite yet. But very soon the one you are using today will look very old and slow. Because quantum computing will revolutionise lives the way that the arrival of semiconductors did back in the 1970s. And some. We’ve got two guides for you today. In Wired, Amit Katwala [1] has a nice easy-to- read overview- what they are, how they work, what they can do, etc. ( hint: LSS found they take a second to solve problems for which the best current supercomputers need a week.) If you like it so much that you want to get started for your self, IBM[2] has a real guide for the serious hobbyist. There’s qubits, entanglement, Grover algorithms and a whole lot more stuff some of you will be dying to learn about. We have a small personal problem here; apparently quantum computers only work at temperatures a fraction of a degree above absolute zero, and our freezer won’t go that low.

So now we live in the twenty first century par excellence. The existence of things like epigenetics, climate change, quantum computers and CRISPR will change things so much that the responses and data we learned in the twentieth are obsolete. There can be no going back, however much we try. New technologies soon bring new forms of society and mores. The trick is to embrace them-as soon as possible.

1Quantum computing and quantum supremacy, explained | WIRED UK

2 Learn quantum computing: a field guide – IBM Quantum

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