Best wishes to Victoria Atkins-but what a task ahead!

Some people have accused LSS of being a political blog. It isn’t. We may cover Politics. We’re not Partisan. We welcome any party that takes a stand on issues dear to our hearts, from antibiotics to climate change. And there’s something else, as dear friends have pointed out- you never know where help might come from.

At first sight Alexander de Pfeffel Johnson‘s track record on women isn’t exactly inspiring, at least on the personal level. Yet his government has appointed, and backed, Victoria Atkins to a herculean but utterly noble task, a decision which reflects well on all concerned. For she it is who will become Parliamentary Under Secretary (it’s a kind of Minister, overseas chums) on all matters concerning the safeguarding of women, including against such barbaric crimes as rape, stalking, genital mutilation and forced marriages. Recently she gave an impassioned speech in the UK Parliament to which we link via the Mail below [1]

And what a task lies ahead! Forget all the special interest religious and cultural issues just for a minute. Because everyday contempt for women is ingrained in all societies, as feminists have known for decades. What is it like just to walk by a building site and be whistled at by leering, ignorant vulgarians? To be followed in the street by some unjailed sociopath who thinks it’s all so-called “banter”? If those aren’t a genuine denials of basic liberty, well forgive us, because we don’t know what is.

Somewhere, a Minister will now take a stand on such issues. It may be little, but it’s a start. Perhaps poor Victoria will fail. But someone, somewhere will pick up the torch and we’ll all try again until this battle is finally won.

[1]Video: Victoria Atkins gives impassioned speech on violence against women | Daily Mail Online

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