Drinks for the Big Match

Few can ignore the titanic clash of those footballing giants Italy and England at Wembley Stadium this Sunday 11th July. To get into the spirit , we’d like to suggest a few refreshing beverages to keep your throat moist as you do all that cheering. As we have done the England drinks theme rather to death lately (LSS passim),we shall concentrate on matters from an Italian perspective. After all, you can drink these too if you’re English, or neutral.

Beers The Italian ones we like are Peroni and Moretti. Although now owned by a giant international booze combine, Peroni dates back to 1846 and is still stylish, cool and refreshing. Whereas we just love the guy on the Birra Moretti bottle-who is he? A Tyrolean clock maker? Roberto Mancini’s great-grandfather? A Hit Man relaxing after a difficult slaying? Check out links to both companies below.

Peroni Beer – Everthing About Italian Style In A Bottle (alcoholvolume.com)

Home | Birra Moretti

Wines Italian wines probably predate the Roman Republic, and a role call of their names reads like a to-do list for civilisation, sunny holidays and the odd drop into a conveniently nearby museum. We can’t begin to do justice to all this, so here’s a little personal tip: Primitivo. Although it hails from the southern tip of the peninsula, experts believe the grape is identical to its famous American cousin, the Zinfandel. We’ve a link below, but get this; our regular dining companion reports that, unlike so many red wines, this one doesn’t give her a headache. Gotta be worth a try.

The complete guide to Italian wine with maps and tasting notes (independent.wine)

Learn About Primitivo: Wine, Grape, History, Characteristics, and Pairings – 2021 – MasterClass

Battle of the Vermouths Anyone who survived the 1970’s will recall two inimitable TV Commercials. The one for Martini showed Bright Young Things on a curious hovercraft-like contraptions racing over some dubious looking marshes, while the singer belted out:

Try a taste of Martini/the most beautiful drink in the world/It’s the bright one/it’s the right one/that’s Martini

Whereas their great rivals Cinzano created some of the most hilarious TV ads ever, the ones starring Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins. Ms Collins still tags these on her live roadshows, so well have they stood the test of time.

Well, we’re not going to push you to one nor the other. Both come in bottles of various shades of red, pale yellows and pinks and are superb on their own, mixed with things like lemonades and ice, or as the components of many, many cocktails. So they have to be worth a punt on your next trip to Lidl or Waitrose.

Martini | The Original Vermouth Since 1863 | Martini Global


All in all we think that enough ideas to keep you thinking through the long hours of the build-up, match and analyses. Enjoy, and may the best team win!

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