No more coughs

Back in the long-ago days of 2020, when lockdowns were new and the England Football Team were nowhere near a major final, we at LSS kept making modest coughs and pointing to ourselves to let you know how clever we really were. (LSS 28 April, 22 May 2020 et passim). The reason? That Artificial Intelligence and supercomputers were starting to solve intractable problems in healthcare, and that the field would only grow.

It has. Natalie Grover of The Guardian describes the unveiling of a UK Supercomputer called Cambridge-1. Developed in partnership with Nvidia, it will be used to mine huge data sets, to improve our understanding of diseases like dementia, or to participate on new avenues of drug design. And if you look at the list of big hitters climbing on board-GSK, AstraZeneca, Oxford Nanopore, to name but a few-it reads like a roll call of some of the brightest minds on the planet.

Humanity has always been suspicious of computers. Films like 2001: a space odyssey or Terminator 2 depict futures where murderous AI supercomputers gleefully do in plucky humans, thus turning our subconscious fears into box office bonanzas. But it isn’t like that. AI will allow all to lead longer, healthier and better-educated lives. And you will be surprised at the business and working opportunities thereby afforded. Already persons known to us, some of them contributors to this humble blog, are working with AI systems to create amazing new products in cardiovascular care. But now you don’t have to take our word for it.

Read Natalie’s article. Follow up. And we need cough no more.

UK supercomputer Cambridge-1 to hunt for medical breakthroughs | Artificial intelligence (AI) | The Guardian

Artificial Intelligence Computing Leadership from NVIDIA

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