Friday Night Cocktails at the Savoy, and its eponymous book

Anyone with even a passing acquaintance with The Savoy Hotel in London, and its cocktail bars, will tell you that it is a byword for good taste and elegance. That’s why this week we are openly plugging a delightful volume called The Savoy Cocktail Book (Constable 2014) The first edition appeared in 1930 as a fitting record of the hotel’s accomplishments in bringing the knowledge of fine drinks to a somewhat archaic British palate. The work has been intermittently revised and updated ever since.

The latest edition is like a bible for the sophisticated imbiber. There’s an excellent history of the whole gaff, worth buying a copy for on its own. Then an elegant guide to the best available in the famous American Bar and Beaufort Bar. Followed by a large general compendium of cocktails punches and fizzes that you are more than free to try for yourself at home. At the end, a fascinating vade meacum to the great French wine regions, with port tucked on.

So even if you can’t make it to the Savoy this year, what with all these pesky travel restrictions and what have you, this book will let you create a little of its elegant chic in the comfort of your own kitchen sink. We once saw them advertise a night of comedians and burlesque dancers in one of the hotel’s reception rooms. How you try to recreate that in the age of Covid is up to you.

Note the publishers of this blog have received no money or any form of recompense whatsoever for this column-it’s entirely off of our own bat)

The Savoy Hotel – Guest Reservations

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