Cancer: Early detection is the Holy Grail

“If we can catch it in time, we can cure almost anything.” So a Doctor once told LSS, and we believed her. The problem with cancers is that they can grow undetected for months, even years in some cases, and by the time that they are found, it’s too late- or treatment is incredibly intrusive. Now a US company called Grail has developed a marvellous new test which can identify up to 50 types of cancer long before any symptoms whatsoever have manifested themselves. They idea is rather clever. All living masses, tumours included, will shed little bits of DNA. Like criminals at a crime scene, this gives away their identity. So the grail test looks for little fragments of giveaway DNA in the blood.

We’ve got a press story from the PA via the Mail for you*1 plus a link to the Grail company website. *2They are an impressive bunch, and once again we have to admire their intelligence and hard work. And there’s a deeper story here, one that separates out intelligent people like the LSS reading community from other types of person one encounters on the internet. Because we know how Grail did it. They looked for evidence, built a theory and when new evidence came along they abandoned the theory and tried a new one which fitted their facts better. Eventually something worked, and we are all a little bit safer from cancer.

Conspiracy communities and those based solely on faith do the opposite. They start from one central idea, fit all the facts around it, and never ever think about new data. They have already made up their minds. Their only response to difficult new data is to shout and scream. The trouble is that just shouting at cancer won’t make it go away.

The task for intelligent people is to preserve areas of enquiry and reason. That way, there will still be cures for cancer and many other things, in the future.

Blood test to detect 50 types of cancer `accurate… | Daily Mail Online

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