“In ten years we could all be dying of antibiotic resistant infections”

Edith Heard has the CV of a genius. Born in London of Greek heritage, accepted for a course in Astronomy at Cambridge, she turned on a handbrake and switched to Biology, earning any number of degrees and languages on the way. Now she is Director of the ultra-prestigious European Laboratory for Molecular Biology. And today she issues a dire warning, via Manuele Ansede of El Pais.

For Edith’s people don’t just study bacteria in our hospitals, but in the oceans too. And they see a terrifying rise in antibiotic resistant bacteria, making the oceans a vast reservoir of dangerous strains which one day will climb out to do us all in. She thinks we have ten years, maybe twenty years at best, to deal with it. Remember-this is the Cassandra who was warning us of the COVID-19 pandemic two years before it happened. If you have children, or grand children, be very afraid.

We post Manuele’s article below. Some search engines like Google, will offer English language speakers a full translation

“En 10 o 20 años estaremos muriendo por infecciones de bacterias resistentes a los antibióticos” | Ciencia | EL PAÍS (elpais.com)

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