Cancer vaccines and lateral thinking

One of the best things about writing this blog is watching intelligent people in action. Nothing is more intelligent than when they transfer learning from one area into another. Consider how fire, originally developed for the catering industry, came to transform metallurgy. Or when strange mathematical techniques like fractals are suddenly paid off for biologists.

So it may yet be with vaccines and cancer. According to Ethan Ennals of the Mail, no less a firm than BioNTech are becoming involved in the search for vaccines which might, just might, have some effect. That’s right, the BioNTech, whose pioneering science has been so effective against Covid-19. The same idea of manipulating messenger RNA to get the patient to produce the antigen may work against cancers. Ethan even has a couple of practical case examples.

That’s why we’ve linked both to the Mail article and, for those of you still on furlough time, a nice overall summary from PubMed, that excellent database of papers and reviews for the professionals.

And remember-the next time you hear someone disparaging vaccines and medical science, you can remind them of this.

We thank Mrs Christine Hartley of Sussex for this story

How the pioneering science behind the Covid jab could soon offer a new vaccine… for cancer  | Daily Mail Online

Cancer Vaccines: A Brief Overview – PubMed (

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