An Italian Job for world cocktail day

As most readers will be aware, yesterday 13th May 2021 was World Cocktail Day. And to celebrate, gentle readers, we’re going to present one with a truly international flavour, the Italian Twinkle. A little background: this has been brought to our attention by a regular contibutor who discovered it on the menu at a branch of the Ask Italian chain of restaurants, somewhere in Southern England. As you will see, it is simple, refreshing and perfect for the opening out of the warm summer days to come. And not just for Ladies who Lunch.

The recipe: Sadly the recipe at Ask Italian is a closely guarded commercial secret. But here is our stab at things, and on the whole we think it’s rather fair.

Firstly, everything must be cold, all your bottles, glasses, even the lemons; for there is no ice to speak of in this.

Take a flute glass and add one measure of good cold vodka. Add 1/2 measure of elderflower cocktail-St Germain is a prime exemplar, but as our old friend Ms. RS of Southend would have it: “Iceland have probably got the same, on’y less poncey and ‘alf the price!” Next add a good twist of lemon peel. Now top up with Prosecco, or if you can’t get hold of some, Cremont or Champagne may be acceptable substitutes.

You are now ready to sip and enjoy. And remembe this-keeping the bottles at close hand will facilitate easy refills for you, your family and friends.

Why do we never see this in Montalbano? Was this Rafael’s secret tipple throughout the Renaissance? Because we think it’s a fine one, and should be enjoyed more world-wide!

#italy #elderflower #vodka #cocktails #montalbano #camilleri

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