Starting with a round up

We’re sorry that last week’s round up was delayed due to technical problems

Antimatter Stars It’s a kind of truism that in theory there should be a particle of antimatter for every one of matter. Except there isn’t-so where did all the antimatter go? Science News has a possible answer

Stars made of antimatter could lurk in the Milky Way

We thank Mr Gary Herbert for this article

The cost of ignoring science The lesson of the Enlightenment was clear- facts and reasons should trump emotion and belief. Countries which devalue science pay a terrible price. Here’s a link to a Nature editorial

By sidelining their scientists, the governments of Brazil and India have missed out on a crucial opportunity to reduce the loss of life, argues a Nature editorial.Nature | 4 min read

Are we heading for a crash? A week is a long time in politics as Harold Wilson once famously remarked. But in modern markets, another day can sometimes feel like another world. So will the recent dizzy highs last? This is from Forbes:

Is The Stock Market Going To Crash? (

Ten most expensive restaurants While that portfolio of yours is going up, you may want to spend a little of your wealth. Here’s wealthy gorilla with a few ideas for a good, if costly night out with a few friends

The 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World (2021) | Wealthy Gorilla

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