India-was the Barrington declaration not so great?

“Listen to others, however much you dislike their opinions.” That’s what Bertrand Russsell counselled, and it’s what we try do at LSS. Last year the Covid-19 epidemic was in full swing, there were no vaccines-and economies were in meltdown. This was the background to the Great Barrington Declaration which tried to assemble a scientific case for letting the virus rip, and trying to protect the highly vulnerable as best we could.

Before readers go into meltdown about who was behind the Barrington Declaration, and about some of the signatories-we acknowledge that! You can read it for yourself in our Wikipedia link below. * And now we admit that the tragic cases of India and Brazil do seem to suggest that the medical experts got it right and the Barrington folk seemed to have erred, as Michael Head explains for The Conversation.*

But just because someone is rich and powerful does not mean they may not, sometimes, be telling a truth. Maybe the Declaration’s authors relied too much on a scientific case, when their real point was economic. We still have to pay for this mess. And how is that going to be done? On smoking, on climate change,even sweatshops-you should listen to the other side. Your own case will be stronger in the long run

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