All the best with 30/30, wildlife trusts

We always love it when someone comes up with a different idea for the better. Up to now, conservation organisations like the Wildlife Trusts in the UK have concentrated on buying the very best examples of nature to save from developers. Now they’ve had a brainwave-why not buy up bits of abandoned or underused land and transform them into thriving ecological communities? Their target is amazingly ambitious-they want to get 30% of UK land back to the wild by 2030. But they’ve got the wind in their sales, they’ve raised £8m in six months and today are pushing their flagship project across the media. It’s a former golfcourse in Carlisle which will be transformed into a nature reserve comlete with 1500 new trees and shrubs. Have a look at the link *, but explore the site-it’s full of good projects and pictures.

And this is important for people too. Anyone who has lived in a densely crowded environment such as southern England will know how precious these tiny oases of wildland are. We’ll let William Cook of The Spectator wax lyrical on the joys of walking through Ruislip Woods, a tiny fragment of green on the western edge of London. We guess that a developer somewhere can’t wait to smash it to pieces so they can erect a wasteland of concrete and metal in its place. The Wildlife Trusts are fighting everyone’s battle against these destroyers. Please help them if you can.

Almost £8 million raised in 6 months for The Wildlife Trusts’ nature recovery plans | The Wildlife Trusts

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