Seaspiracy is making waves-and that’s a good thing

The misfortunes of the giant container ship Ever Given in the Suez Canal have focussed attention on the sea, and how much we take it for granted. But for how much longer? LSS is an emollient website, more anxious to comfort the afflicted than afflict the comfortable-but sometimes we cannot ignore something controversial, especially if we feel its heart is essentially in The Right Place.

Such is the casewith Netflix’ new documentary Seaspiracy, which is causing an enormous storm on twitter and other social media. It comes out of a stable of hard hitting documentaries by Ali and Lucy Tabrizi and Kip Andersen, and takes a long cool look at the destructive and polluting practices of the fishing industry. We’ve got a couple of links for you * * * so you can judge for yourselves.

Once a film creates a big enough reaction, it creates its own defining moment. Think of Al Gore and An Inconvenient Truth. Whatever side that you took, that was the instant at which global warming went-well, global really. So it may well prove with Seaspiracy. To us, anyone who challenges the brutal ignorant theory that we can go on looting the resources of this planet forever, with no attempt at conservation, is doing something right.

We thank Mrs Jill Lee of London for this story

Seaspiracy | Netflix Official Site

Netflix’s ‘Seaspiracy’: The Documentary Exposing The Fishing Industry’s Corruption | ELLE Australia

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