Three for International Womens’ Day

Today, March 8th is International Womens Day, and for anyone in the Enlightenment Community, it should be as important as any day of the year. The battle of women against ignorance and brutality is everyone’s battle. Today we have three stories to salute brave women in three very different ways.

Birth of the Refuge For some 1973 was a sunny, optimistic time, last of the post war years before the winter crisis changed the world for ever. But the smiling face of consumer society hid dark, savage truths. Nowhere was this more so than the experience of thousands of women who were condemned to a life of physical and psychological violence-and there was no help. Until the birth of the womens refuge movment. In May 1973 Jenny Smith became one of the first to seek help. Read her moving story here, told by Sandra Laville in the Guardian

Domestic violence: how the world’s first women’s refuge saved my life | Women | The Guardian

Educating women makes us all richer Do you sincerely want to be rich? Then do all you can to help the education of women. Alright we’ve said it here before, and we’ll keep on saying it until you lot listen. We’ve linked to a Wikipedia article below. Dear old Wiki- it’s incredibly earnest and straight, stuffed with case studies and links to links. But it proves our case handsomely,if you want to click on. But why not, just for once, take our word for it? It’ll save you so much time.

Digging up the dirt with Mary Anning In the early nineteenth century nearly all scientists were men. And there were few enough of them! But on England’s Dorset coast there lived a woman who would change the face of Paleontology forever-Mary Anning. Fossil hunter, collector, tireless seeker after knowledge she opened up the famous Jurassic Coastline of Dorset and gave the world its first glimpse of Icthyosaurs, pliosaurs, mosasaurs, belemnites, ammonites and dozens of other saurs and nites that would put paleontology on the map. So overwhelming was her irrefutable evidence of a vast, rich and teeming past, that the work of Darwin and Lyall was half done before those boys put pen to paper. We’ll start you off with Wiki, but searches for Mary Anning will reveal a number of hits, and dozens of those marvellous early Victorian prints and paintings of ancient life. Enjoy

Mary Anning – Wikipedia

talking of Women’s Day and Wikipedia. here’s their link to how YOU can help both, with lots of links, organisations and projects. Remeber the mother that bore you, and join in.

Gender gap/International Women’s Day – Meta (

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