Friday Night Cocktails-what’s wrong with good old beer?

Having a powerful new refrigerator has awakened us once more to life’s simple delights. A nice cold beer, and maybe some nuts, on a Friday night before dinner. Makes a change from cocktails- who needs all that mixing, recipes and complicated apparatus every week? And as for the washing up! So today we are going to review some old friends,ones that have stood us in good stread for decades, to let you make some choices. But, gentle readers, these are only our first drafts, if you will pardon the pun. We are certain you will have many ideas of your own. Let’s start in on the beer-and be certain it’s frosty cold!

San Miguel -The stand by of many a Benidorm Package Holiday, now available in all good UK supermarkets, the yellow, mellow caballero is the perfect company for warm nights in the Gardens of Seville. Or Scunthorpe. Or anywhere else. Marks and Sparks now have a marvellous tasty range of snacks like chorizo bites and jamon serrano crisps to give that authentic Spanish tang. Download a few flamenco guitar numbers,and your Iberian immersion will be worthy of Don Quijote himself!

Heineken– UK readers will recall this brand as having the funniest adverts of the nineteen seventies (Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach) Definitely a taste of its own, with notes of cereals and shades of long chain carbohydrates. Perfect with peanuts, especially dry roasted.(allergy sufferers avoid!)

Kronenburg (“Vot about my unfinizghed pint ov Kronenburg?” as the composer Schubert is reported to have said of his eighth symphony.) Actually it’s French, not German, despite the name and the celebrity endorsement. Generally marketed in pints or litres, the old soixante-quatre is a big in-yer-face pub beer, which means it goes well with things like potato crisps or other pub snacks. But can fit well in the warm demi-monde of summer house and lawn, if you want to have it large.

Honourable mentions: Stella Artois, Fosters, Fullers’ London Pride. Roasted almonds. Bits of cheddar cheese.

San Miguel Beer exploring the world  | San Miguel

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Kronenbourg 1664 | UK | A Taste Suprême (

Classic Ads: Kronenburg Schubert starring Alan Lake – Bing video

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