Running out of space, running out of time? Try educating women

Running out of space-round where we live very spare inch of land is built over for flats, flats and more flats. Vineyards and open country are smashed up again and again for more housing- so what’s going to soak up all that extra carbon dioxide? Talking of which, we now have about eight years before we hit an irreversible tipping point and the climate changes forever. What’s the point of building all those nice housing estates if they are uninhabitable? But humanity just goes on growing away- we long since passed 7 billion copies of ourselves and are well on the way to 8 billion.

There is a solution. No one dies. Everyone gets richer. Everyone’s children and great- great- great- grandchildren lead longer, happier and sustainable lives. Think of it as a vaccine if you like-like the ones for Covid-19. The answer is education for women. All the data show that it produces better outcomes. Lower infant mortality. Healthier children. Rising National Income. More things to talk about. Above all, stable or falling populations. So below we link to two sites which we hope will give you a jumping-off point, gentle readers.

But please don’t just read. Do. On your feeds, on your blogs, in all your Letters to the Editor,whether they’re to the Parish Magazine or the Los Angeles Times, please plug, push and promote this one as much as you can.

After all, isn’t there a little matter of Natural Justice somewhere in here as well?

Girls’ education | UNICEF

How education can moderate population growth | World Economic Forum (

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