Big Think. If you visit one other website, that’s the one

Old LSS hands will know our house style. Something on science, something on political economy. maybe education, with a bracing cocktail or two on Friday nights. Now, imagine a site that does that and a lot more. Gentle readers, we earnestly refer you to Big Think. https/ A heady, eclectic mix of science, sex,psychology, surprises, religion, culture-and much more that the thinking woman or man needs to know. All served up in readable, chatty articles which you can take in with your morning coffee and chocolate hobnobs. We discovered it while looking for things that go faster than light,* only to see the link later, buried on out Apple News feed. Funny old world.

Spoiler alert; These people are not to be confused with The Big Think which seems to be a perfectly worthy, but rather specialised educational foundation

*some do, sort of

#bigthink #science #health #sex #religion #culture #politics #currentaffairs

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