Friday Night Cocktails:Watermelon(there’s eleven)

Eder G.

English Teacher, Barons Court, London

What have you chosen for us?  Watermelon

Who were you with?   An ex-boyfriend took me out for dinner a few years ago.

Where? We went to Bellini, a rotating restaurant at the World Trade Centre in Mexico City.

Why the watermelon? My ex was a big dry martini drinker but I’ve always preferred a sweet drink so the bartender suggested it, saying I was going to love it, and he was right.

Do you always drink this one? I’ve tried to get it in various places but I haven’t been successful except from that time I found a cocktail bar in Camden but they didn’t use natural watermelon and it was just not the same. 

We thank Eder not only for today’s column but also for being a great team leader and exceedingly patient with our halting attempts to speak meaningful Spanish.  However, the word “Watermelon” covers at least eleven possible recipes, including mojitos, margaritas and a punch. So we’ve included a link to the excellent spruce eats website, so you can make your own. The location looks great. The nearest we’ve ever been to anything like this was Pizza Express in Kingston Upon Thames, and that didn’t go round and round

11 Refreshingly Sweet Watermelon Cocktail Recipes (

Bellini Restaurante in Mexico City | My Guide Mexico City

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