Friday Night:some ideas for your Prosecco

February is always a good time of year. Despite the cold, the days are becoming longer; flowers are beginning to poke through the frozen earth; the screens are full of groups of burly men knocking six bells out of one another in the Six Nations. But above all, it’s ladies night. Once again, Valentines is upon us, and the Prosecco will be flowing like water.

This week we want to emphasise a few of the things which you can do to add that certain extra je ne sais quoi to you favourite glass of bubbly. Of course, Prosecco is delicious on its own, and has a fine colour. But for that special touch, why not add some of the fine range of mixers from Monin-such as cassis,fraise,fruit de passion,or pamplemousse rose . (we did have some lovely photos of these set up for you, but the usual bloody-minded obstinacy of computer technology has precluded their use) Just a teaspoonful or two in the bottom of a flute glass before you pour will make all the difference.

Or why not just adapt a champagne cocktail to prosecco? Hamlyn’s The ultimate Cocktail Book gives a fine recipe:

First chill your glass, and your prosecco. Add one lump of white sugar, then one measure of good brandy- we think Remi Martin is a sure bet.Top up with cold prosecco, and add a slice of orange to decorate.

Happy Valentine’s day!

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