Friday Night Cocktails-five warming ideas from The Gentleman’s Flavour

As we write these lines, England is about to be swamped by a blast of arctic cold. But that’s no excuse for the sophisticated philosofe not to enjoy a refined Friday night tipple. So we thought that our English readers, and indeed all those in cold climes around the world, could do with a little advice on some heart-warming recipes to get you through the long weekend ahead.

After a youth wasted on the pursuit of virtue, ideology and moral rectitude, the editorial board of LSS has acquired more worldly-wise weltanschauung that encompasses a broader view of humanity, its hopes and its foibles. That is why we are proud to take advice from educated men, and women, of many views and opinions, unless they gratuitously set out to offend or otherwise frighten the horses. Thus the Gentleman’s Flavour is a cigar site, and we don’t smoke cigars. Or anything else. But some of you do, and you are our friends. And they had such a good , succinct, easy to understand list of winter warmers, that we had to put their site up for this week. Click below for tips on:

Will’s Sugar Shack Hot toddy Hot Mulled Port

Spiked Apple Cider Will’s Winter espresso Martini

Southern Hot Toddy

Stay safe on those icy pavements readers- you know what going into hospital could bring right now!

5 Warming Cocktails To Beat Cold Weather – The Gentleman’s Flavor

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We thank Mr and Mrs A P Foster of Dorset for the idea in this post

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