Brain implants-hope for addictions amd much much more

Following our ever-present ethos of a tiggerish, bouncy optimism, which we know you like, we have a short story and some long links to a really hopeful step forward in the world of brain implants. Also known as neural implants, it’s where a small processing unit is fixed to interface with neural tissue, aiding or even substituting for its function. As Joe Pinkstone in the Mail* reports, there are amazing possibilities to help people control addictions-or for those with heartbreaking diseases like Parkinsons.

There is one problem. These implants need quite an operation to put them in-and they run on electricity. What do you do when the battery runs down. Give the poor patient another operation? That’s why we think that Joe’s piece is so significant. A Korean team led by Jae Woong Jeon have found a way to recharge the little implants by wireless technology, which should potentially let them last for a lifetime. And let you carry lots more.

We have some nice links below to the whole question of neural implants for readers who wish to learn more. But here’s a thought; do you want to live in a world where a buzzer sounds in your head every time you reach for a fresh can of Stella Artois?

Brain implants the size of a coin combat drug addiction in rats | Daily Mail Online

What Are Brain Implants and What Are Their Future Uses? (

Brain implant – Wikipedia

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