We see weed as way ahead

When you’re in a desperate situation, think laterally. Think differently. Think about something that was there all along, but which you’ve overlooked That’s why we couldn’t resist showcasing two stories from the Daily Mail about new natural solutions to our ecological crisis.

Global Warming Everybody agrees there’s quite a lot of it about. One solution is to grow more trees. Trouble is: they’re slow to grow, and there’s always a danger that one of the President’s mates will be allowed to come along in five years and chop them all down. According to Ian Randall, a better alternative is humble sea kelp. It grows thirty time faster than trees. Its carbon capture properties are prodigious. Kelp forests give a marvellous haven for sea life. And get this- you can harvest it for cattle feed, which in turn cuts down methane emissions from these large beasts. So what’s not to like? Read this story about Carbon Kapture and its kelp farms

Environment: UK firm reveals plans seaweed farms off the Welsh coast to tackle carbon emissions  | Daily Mail Online

Plastics Ever heard of sea grass? Neither had we. But this humble little ocean vegetable may be helping to gather up the 8 million tonnes of plastic which are dumped annually into our oceans. And to deposit them in easier-to-manage clumps called Neptune’s Balls. (Neptune was the Roman god of the sea- we didn’t know he liked dancing). Here Shivali Best tells of studies in Mallorca which are looking at using sea grass to turn the tide on this disgusting act of self harm we’re all doing. Incidentally, what a great place to do scientific research!

Seagrass ‘Neptune balls’ are found to sieve MILLIONS of plastic particles from water | Daily Mail Online

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