Friday Night Cocktails: let’s get high

Anyone can drive a drinks trolley on a plane. But it takes real savoir-faire to put your kit on a mule, or a yak, and drag all those bottles, ice, glasses and bar stools to the top of a mountain. Or a really tall office block. Then set it up and give sophisticated pleasure seekers a real experience. We’re going both ways tonight, as they used to say in the Navy. First five superb drinkers from the tops of the world’s highest buildings, courtesy of Chilled Magazine. Then seven from the highest mountains in the world, from the Liftopia blog. Here goes:

Man made

Chilled presents five amazing locations. The one that does it for us is by definition is the one on the Burj-Khalifa in Dubai-the world’s highest, 122nd floor, 442 metres-all the stats are there. That said, they all look like amazing watering holes up in the clouds. Check this out for some great pictures. Chilled magazine certainly doe s what it says on the tin!

Top Five of The World’s Highest Bars – Chilled Magazine

Man Made in the mountains

Although personally not devotees of winter sports, we at LSS have always admired the bravura of all you skiers and snowboarders. We know it’s hard, often dangerous work on the piste. So where better to relax than these seven locations below from Liftopia. Do they just go outside to get the ice for the gin and tonic? Better get up there quick before climate change melts all the snow, and you have to take up water-skiing.

7 of the World’s Highest Ski Bars (

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